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Prasečí hody

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Prasečí hody

The first Czech game developed specially for the game server AfroDita. We believe that You will like it and we give her our visitors to play as a gift for this christmas. The aim of the game is dohodit slepicí as far as possible. The start-up of the pig to stop the space bar, try to do it near the starting line, but watch out for justice. That is approaching the starting line you can tell by the sign in the road. As soon as the pig to stop, is the need to press the spacebar again and the hen, so to detonate. The hen can help you out in the flight renewed by pressing the space bar, but attention has only a limited amount of energy to fly. The one you can extend the collecting jewels, but beware of the clouds. How far can you reach?

Control: mezerníkem

Viewed 250506x | Published 24.12.2008
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